Image by Eye for Ebony
Image by Keisha Montfleury
Image by Eye for Ebony

The Dream

An initiation rite originated by African ancestors, it is a fundamental act performed in accordance with prescribed social rules & customs. Implemented at the onset of puberty, this ceremonious act is not only a symbolic ‘passage’into woman or manhood, but a means of integrating the initiate into the fabric of the community-at-large.

(As adapted from Professor Manu Ampin, Africana Studies: The Five Major Initiate Rites)


Modeled after the innovative and awe inspiring parent program African Womanhood is Mine (, herDIVAspot is a year-long initiative designed to not only introduce young women ages 11 to 14 to their community-at-large, but to provide them with true tools for their growth and evolution into womanhood.

Currently completely virtual and based in NYC and Atlanta, GA, herDIVASpot's year-long program will walk the young women through a crafted curriculum broken into four modules. These modules comprise the complete "DIVA": Divine Intelligent Voices of All Ages, and include the following topics:

  • Self-acceptance/Worth

  • Visionary Reinforcement

  • Enhanced Educational Vision

  • Financial Literacy/Accountability

  • Community Responsibility

  • Advocacy

  • Identity

  • Adolescent Growth


herDIVASpot Organization is a pending 501(C)3 organization designed to celebrate, cultivate, and educate young women of color. Through mentorship, education, self-development, and cultural exposure, we aim to produce civic and socially minded, financially literate, and spiritually grounded young women.

Photos by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash